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LaunchPad tweaks for WPMU

LaunchPad is a great WordPress theme for parked domains — allows you to accept requests for rss subscriptions to your site while you are still in development, thus you can build a database of people interested in your website before you even launch.  I’m using it with a WPMU project

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Shared by deckard March 16, 2009

branding osTicket

One of the best things about Free Open Source Software is that you not only can tweak the code, you can re-brand it as well.  The osTicket platform has been a favorite of mine to track customer support requests.  The development community for osTicket came out with a new release

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Shared by deckard March 16, 2009

WP-Table plugin – Fatal Error fix for WordPress 2.5+

The following post first appear at WP-Table plugin by Alex Boelinger is a unique WordPress plugin that allows admins to create tables, by this I mean the ones with rows and columns like in Excel, easily in WordPress. It is the only one that I am aware of at

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Shared by deckard March 6, 2009

matrix rain code

Here’s the code used to the display the matrix rain, thanks <p align=”center”><img src=”” alt=”matrixrain” height=”400″ width=”600″ /> </p> This code can be placed in .php or .html documents, works for pages and posts in wordpress, and can be added to .css files.  Fairly easy for novice users, send

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Shared by deckard January 20, 2009

mini-meta widget hack for mu

the minimeta widget by daniel huesken works with mu when put in the plugins folder, except that it never produces a registration link for new users. Otherwise it’s a very useful widget for customizing your login window. You can find it here: I add the following code around line

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Shared by deckard March 24, 2008

Sweet Skin Color Hack for wp-forum plugin

This hack can be used with any of the skin themes that come with the wp-forum plugin by Fredrik Fahlstad, but looks best with “sweet”.  This hack changes the color of the title bars and large folder graphics, and requires an image editor with a gradient tool (for the folder

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Shared by deckard February 19, 2008

wp-forum skin hack for mu

These are directions for hacking the wp-forum plugin to work with wordpress mu.  The need for the hack derives from problems trying to change sub-blog forum skins.  Using the admin interface, you can change the main blog skin from the default setting, but not any of the sub-blogs.  Basically anytime

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Shared by deckard February 12, 2008