About Us

The term “bladerunner” was coined by science fiction author Philip Dick in his novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? The term refers to someone who’s job is essentially that of an assassin of higher forms of artificial intelligence. The main character in his book becomes an “ex-bladerunner”, having a change of heart about the intrinsic worth of “software”. The novel gained worldwide notoriety when it was made into a major motion picture, Bladerunner, in 1982 starring Harrison Ford. xBladerunner Enterprises, our software company, takes its name as a homage to themes in the film.

We are a small software company with a diversified portfolio of products, all of which are cloud based, and as of December 2014, 100% financially divested from fossil fuels. The present company originally existed as five separate entities in 2003: IWEBSPIDER (a website design company), CYBERCASEMANAGER (a software company specializing in the creation of online social service resource directories), MYSTARWARSCOLLECTION (a cloud based social platform for resellers, collectors, and fans of vintage star wars toys and memorabilia), IFLOWERCHILD (an online training and education platform for nonviolent social activism), and PROPAGATEPEACE (an online calendar platform for social activists).

Over time these separate entities were significantly restructured and merged into the present software company, organized under 3 product divisions: a software-as-service (SaaS) division, a news aggregate division (NEWS), and a general web application design and hosting division (NATURALDADDY). The merger has allowed significant resources to be shared including intellectual property, IT, and marketing staff.