what's the music for?

Marching in unison at twelve noon
a band is playing a rhythmic tune
with flag and drums
and patriotic flute
uniform soldiers
receive proper salute

But music can cloud proper reflection
of losses incurred in war's succession --
sometimes the echoing drum beat
of an ignorant cause
promotes make-believe morals
that draw applause

They shout hurray for heroes
and offer fame
For those on the winning side
of the game
But amidst the ruckus 
preformed by the band
A little girl watching
reaches for her mother's hand

There's a de-humanization
with each government lie
That attempts to rationalize
the premature goodbyes
Brought on by mechanism
oblivious to care
In this home nothing will be the same
The kitchen table is much too large now
Only seems to cause mother pain

Daddy's not coming home tonight
just a casualty of war
Daddy's not coming home tonight
tell me mother --
what's the music for?




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All Lyrics Copyright Stefan Christian Densmore 2005, All Rights Reserved.