the "some are one" song

Some sell guns
Some smell roses
Some do smiles
Some do poses
Some cling on
Some let go
Some catch on
Some don't know
Some jump quick
Some lie down
Some spread a nice feeling around

Some stood up
Some down fell
Some moved on
Some sure dwell
Some do bread
Some do water
Some do life
Some do longer
Some sell out
Some out sell
Some keep hope alive and well

Some seem open
Some seem kind
Some see you
Some are blind
Some are real
Some give show
Some sure paddle
Some simply row

Some want in
Some want out
Some whisper loud
Some really shout
Some build walls
Some dig holes
Some break in
Some pay tolls
Many are some
And some are many
But some are one and think that's plenty

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All Lyrics Copyright Stefan Christian Densmore 2005,  All rights reserved.