only a dream

in a white room
sits a young boy
his face shows all
where he came from
his staring eyes
see thoughts of past
echoing through and through and through

flashes of fire
the young boy screams
doctor arrives
says "its only a dream
you're safe now

what happened is years behind you"
the doctor tries to explain
young boy says "you don't understand
I can smell the smoke and feel the flame"

only a dream
you say its not real
would your opinion change
if you felt what I feel
Only a dream
from far away
It can't hurt you now
or so they say

an exchangeable part
in the machine of war
a broken pawn
is of no use anymore
slowly dying in a purple haze
to ease the pain and pass the days
"you're safe now..."

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All Lyrics Copyright Stefan Christian Densmore 2005,  All rights reserved.